We, Future Priest School Association「Future Buddhism Lab」(Minato Ward, Tokyo, Director:Shoukei Matsumoto) have agreed on a business alliance with Warehouse TERRADA (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, President and CEO:Yoshihisa Nakano) and TS promote Co., Ltd. (Chuo Ward, Tokyo).「Future Buddihism Lab」is conducting highly down to earth projects in response to social changes and preserving the essence of temples while Warehouse TERRADA is focusing on art-centred culture business and antique artwork business based on the concept of “preserving not only goods but also values”. On the other hand, TS promote Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd. (Chuo Ward, Tokyo, President and CEO:Sakomoto Junichi) that inherits and develops the tradition of Japanese culture and works on a new entertainment to contribute to the world culture.


Ancient temples throughout Japan reserve old documents with cultural values, as well as constructions and gardens. Each ancient temple has a lot of accomplishments and results.


Therefore, we have formed a business alliance to simultaneously research, develop and produce frameworks for widely advertising and revitalizing of its attraction and cultural values as part of an inbound business.


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